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We are proud to introduce Milestone CRM. A modern, easy to use small business CRM that integrates Office 365® and QuickBooks Online®.

Milestone CRM

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  • Track your Sales Pipeline
  • Manage your Leads for better conversion
  • Manage your Opportunities
  • Manage your Customer data
  • Provide stellar Customer Service
  • Industry standard process guidance to take you though the Lead Qualification Process and the Opportunity Close Process
  • Keep track of your contracts, agreements, and other customer documents stored in OneDrive®
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online® for a full 360 degree view of your Customers

Mobile Friendly!

Milestone CRM is just as productive on your smartphone or tablet.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Milestone CRM integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to provide a full 360 degree view of your customers. Link your customer records in CRM with the corresponding customer record in QuickBooks Online to:

  • View customer accounts and balances
  • View and print invoices, receipts, estimates, and other sales documents

Import your customers from QuickBooks Online into CRM and start loving your customers.

Does my data sync with QuickBooks Online? No. We don't sync data between systems. The QuickBooks related data is queried directly from QuickBooks Online each time you view it. So you never have to worry about clicking annoying sync buttons to make sure you always have the latest information.

For help with connecting Milestone CRM to QuickBooks Online, click here.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Is my data safe and secure?

You bet! All data is encrypted in transit (over the internet) and at rest (in the database) using bank-grade encryption and only you have access to your data. Databases are backed up periodically during the day to ensure your data is never lost in the event of a failure. Microsoft's data centers, where we host Milestone CRM, have more security compliance certifications than any other cloud provider (

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