Unable to Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client for Outlook against Dynamics CRM Online in a Virtual Machine

I came across the error in this article when trying to configure the CRM client for Outlook…
Error connecting to URL: Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

See this kb article…
For me, the installation was fine.  The issue was my environment.  I use a Mac and run Parallels to host my Windows 8 VM.  By default, the user home directory when using Parallels is the home directory on the Mac, not in the Windows VM.  So, to Windows and your Windows applications (in this case, the CRM Client and Outlook), this appears, and behaves, as a remote share.  CRM Client for Outlook stores the off-line data files in the user’s AppData folder in their profile.
The CRM Client Plug-In uses SQL Server CE 3.5.  This version of SQL Server CE does not support access on remote shares, so the sync process fails when it tries to create and write to the data files.
The solution is to use SQL Server CE 4.0 instead.  This knowledge base article goes through the steps of installing SQL Server CE 4.0 and configuring the CRM Client plug-in to use version 4…
Hope this saves some headaches. Cheers!<p>Read more</p>


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